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What is HypnoKink all about?

Welcome to Hyponkink 🙂

Hypnokink is a digital fetish file marketplace where you can browse both FREE and PREMIUM files from professional authors. Files include, audio, video and text based material. We specialize in hypnosis files but you can also find other digital material of a fetish nature here at Hypnokink.

Do we host FREE files?

The quick answer is YES!

We host many free files here at Hypnokink. Authors are encouraged to post free files to demonstrate their work and promote their premium files. In addition site admins will also post free files.

We will also showcase and promote excellent fetish material found around the internet for public consumption on our site blog.

You do not need an account to download free files. You will find a direct link on the details page of any free file published as shown below:

Please note: Free files are not stored in your account downloads. Only purchased files are stored for future reference and downloadable from your account options.

How do I purchase premuim files?

We have tried to make this very easy and discreet for you 🙂

You can fully browse the marketplace and click on any product to see further details and the vendor/author. Prices are clearly displayed in the main marketplace and in the right column of any product detail page.

To purchase the product please just click “add to cart”. You can purchase multiple files from multiple vendors/authors in one transaction. Just add the any files you desire to the cart.

When you are ready to checkout click on the main cart icon on the top right of the website. Review your order then proceed to checkout.

If you do not already have an account you will need to enter some basic details on this page such as your name (only displayed to the vendor), email (we send the order confirmation and download links to this email) and desired username/password. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Finally click on the main PayPal payment button which will require you to enter your payment details in the secure PayPal Express Checkout window.

Once payment is confirmed and successful you will:
  • Immediately be shown a confirmation of the purchase along with a direct download link to the files you have purchased.
  • You will be emailed details of the order which will also contain a link to the files you have purchased.
  • Have access to the purchased files anytime by logging into your account with the username and password chosen on account creation. You will find a link called “Downloads” in your account options which will display all files you have purchased and an option to download them again if desired.
  • The name used by PayPal to record the transaction on the your statement is “HK-Digital” which could mean anything.

If possible, please download files as soon as they have been purchased.

Can I Get A Refund?

What you need to know about refund requests

  • Our refund policy was made to be transparent so your experience is as smooth as possible and gives you a “fair go” by using a baseline standard
  • A refund request will be sent either to the item’s author or the Hypnokink Help Team to review.
  • If your refund request is declined by the author and you disagree with their decision, you can raise a dispute to have our Help Team investigate the claim.
  • If you’re looking for more information, we’ve created a more in-depth guide called How do refunds work?

Before requesting a refund

  • Read the item’s installation guide and documentation
  • Check the item’s comments page, as you may find a solution to your issue there
  • Contact the author via the Support tab on the item page (if the item is supported)
  • Ensure the item is being used for its intended function and purpose (check the item description).
  • Search our Help Center for the issue you are experiencing
  • Review our Envato Market Refund Rules to check if you are eligible for a refund

How to request a refund

Please firstly contact the Vendor/Author directly. You can do this via their main shop page. Click the “support” tab which will enable you to message them directly for help. Please make sure to choose or quote the correct order number which you can find in your “Account Orders” information or via the email sent to you confirming the order.

Failing this or if you wish to escalate the dispute then please contact Hypnokink supprt directly (support@hypnokink.me). All emails to support will be answered within 48 hours.

What if the purchased item is no longer available?

There are a number of different reasons why an item may be removed from the market and are therefore no longer available for download.

We recommend that you download and save an item as soon as you buy it, but if the item was removed before you had a chance to download it, refer to our Refund Rules to check if you’re eligible for a refund.

Help for Vendors & Authors on Hypnokink market.

Takedown notices – Frequently Asked Questions for Hypnokink Market

This article runs through some frequently asked questions about DMCA takedown notices. You can find answers you might have in relation to submitting a DMCA takedown notice in relation to an Author’s item and what to do as an Author when receiving a DMCA takedown notice.

Our approach to DMCA takedown notices and the process followed is outlined in our Hypnokink Market Intellectual Property Policy.

If you believe that an Author’s item on the Hypnokink Market is infringing your intellectual property rights (including trademark) then you can submit a General IRP Notice to us.

I think there may be an infringement of my copyright. What should I do?

Consider whether contacting the Author is appropriate. There may be a misunderstanding that you can solve without resorting to the formal processes outlined in the Hypnokink Market Intellectual Property Policy.

Can you give me the contact details of the Author who I claim violated my copyright?

Our Hypnokink Market Authors can be contacted through our system by any registered user. It is free to register and the link to an Author’s profile page and contact form can be found on each page listing their item(s).

The Hypnokink Market Author hasn’t responded to my request or is refusing to remove the content that I think is in violation of my copyright. What now?

You have the option of submitting a DMCA takedown notice to our Customer Support Team. You can find out how to lodge a valid DMCA takedown notice in the Hypnokink Market Intellectual Property Policy.

Why do I need to send a DMCA takedown notice?

Only a relevant judicial authority can rule definitively about whether an item infringes copyright. Hypnokink is not able to do so. Our role is as the service provider of the Hypnokink Market platform. Upon receipt of a valid DMCA takedown notice, we will remove the item from our platform.

Why does the Author who uploaded the item receive a copy of the notice?

A valid DMCA takedown notice should be addressed to the Author of the item identified in the DMCA takedown notice. We pass on the notice to the Author. On receipt of the DMCA takedown notice, the Author may wish to resolve the matter with the complainant, or take further steps such as lodging a counter-notification.

What if the DMCA takedown notice relates to a component of an item?

If the DMCA takedown notice relates to a specific component of an item, the Author might replace that component, after which the item might be reinstated without a counter notification being filed (as it is no longer the subject of the DMCA takedown notice).

There are potentially serious consequences to filing DMCA takedown notices, particularly inaccurate ones. Obtain your own legal advice as necessary. Do not make false claims, as these could result in penalties for legal damages.

I do not agree that there has been a copyright violation. Can the item be reinstated?

An Author on Hypnokink Market has the option to send Hypnokink a counter notification or “put back” notice.

For more information about lodging a counter notification see the Hypnokink Market Intellectual Property Policy. If we receive a valid counter notification, we will send a copy to the person who submitted the original DMCA takedown notice (claimant), then wait 10 business days. Unless we receive a notice from the claimant that they have filed a court proceeding against the Author within that time, we will then reinstate the item within 14 business days from when we received the valid counter notification.

Authors should fully understand the obligations they have by submitting a counter notification, because a counter notification can trigger legal proceedings from the claimant about the alleged copyright infringement. Obtain legal advice if unsure about this option.

There may be other situations in which the item can be reinstated, such as where the material in dispute can be removed altogether from the item (e.g. it is one stand-alone component within the item). In such a situation, it may be possible for the Author to replace the disputed material before re-submitting the item. In that case, Authors would not need to send a counter notification.

If I’m an Author, how can I unfreeze earnings or have my account reinstated?

Release of frozen earnings will occur at our discretion. For example if the person issuing the notice retracts the allegations, if we’re compelled to do so by a binding order issued by a relevant judicial authority, or under a relevant agreement settling the dispute.

Account reinstatement is also discretionary as we do not want Authors on our marketplace who do not respect intellectual property rights. We will not reinstate accounts of Authors who have received multiple DMCA takedown notices in a valid format (where counter notifications have not been lodged).

Envato Market Intellectual Property Policy

(DMCA and General IPR take down notice process)

What’s this policy all about?

At Hypnokink Market we respect our community and intellectual property, and we expect our users to do the same. This policy explains how we, as the service provider of the Hypnokink Market platform, address allegations of intellectual property infringement against content uploaded to our platform by Author’s, and how copyright owners and authorised parties can submit valid notices of intellectual property infringement regarding this content. As allegations of intellectual property infringement are made against the content in the Author’s items, this policy also explains how Authors can respond when a DMCA takedown notice has been issued against their items.

What are your options if you think your content is being used without your permission?

1. Contact the Author directly

Consider whether you wish to contact the Author (seller of the item) who you think might be breaching your intellectual property rights. There may be a misunderstanding that you and the Author might be able to sort out without resorting to the formal processes outlined below.

How to contact the Author directly see this DMCA FAQ page.

2. Submit a DMCA takedown notice

If you’re a copyright owner, or have the authority to act on behalf of a copyright owner, then you may consider sending us a DMCA takedown notice requesting we take down content uploaded by an Author.

How to submit a DMCA takedown notice (valid format and other information)